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Gold Mountain Foundation Appaloosas

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Welcome to Gold Mountain Foundation Appaloosas
On these pages you will see our Stallions and Mares, the start of our Foundation Breeding Program.  Check back often as this website is a work in progress.
Below you will see some of the Reference Sires of our horses.  They represent some of the finest old lines available today.

DREA Comanche Bluhawk
One of the reference sires of our horses

DREA Comanche Bluhawk is the sire of our filly DREA Bluhawk Kachina.  He is also the grandsire of DREA Comancheaglfire.

DREA Ochoco Eagle
Owned by Deckers Red Eagle Appaloosas--Reference Sire

DREA Ochoco Eagle is the sire of DREA Ochoco's Toby, junior stallion here at Gold Mountain Appaloosas.  He is owned by the Decker ranch in Oregon.

Toby 1
Reference Sire

Toby 1 - this great sire is in the background of all of our foundation horses here at Gold Mountain Appaloosas

Pratts Firestorm
Reference Sire - one of the great Pratt Foundation Sires

Pratts Firestorm is the sire of our mare SRA Firestorms Spice, and the grandsire of our filly Firestorms Black Pepper.

Apaches Mcleo Bar
Reference Sire

 This stallion is of the Apache line and is the grandsire of our filly Firestorms Black Pepper.

Pratt Sully Fire
Owned by Deckers Red Eagle Appaloosas - Reference Sire

This fine stallion is of the Pratt line.  He is the sire of our stallion DREA Comancheaglfire.

At Gold Mountain Foundation Appaloosas - Foundation is the key.  Our two stallions are 100% FPD going back to the Toby Lines, Red Eagle, Mansfield Comanche, Storm Cloud Speck and the Ghost Wind Stallions.

You can check the pedigree of any of our horses.  They are on

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

True Foundation Bred